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Friday, September 2, 2016

Poems of Sleep

  Once a year or so, I wake up with a poem in my head. They are usually nice, so I take the time to write them down. The last one I polished up appears at the end of Time Diving. I stuck it there because the book is so downbeat and, I ask you, where is one to place a poem nowadays? Here it is:

Feel wonderful!
I know what it is to soar,
And to feel God's love in every cell of my body.
Feel good, I am a creature of The Lord.

Feel Wonderful!,
by Craig A. Robertson, 2011.

  Corny? If so, I own it. I'll post the new poem when it's ready...someday. 
  I heard Neil Gaiman talking once about sources for ideas that make good novels. He said dreams didn't. They were too abstract and personal. I have found our brains label dreams as cool and a half because they can, as opposed to the fact that they were so divine. Anyway.

  I'm about a month, tops, from the release of The Forever Fight, Book 3 in the Forever Series. I really like it, but my brain may be labeling optimistically, as with dreams. Oh well.

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