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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I am neither dead nor lazy - just inattentive  ; )

Seriously, I am working on so many fronts that my glacial progress on Time Diving is hard to measure.  But, the ice-sheet is moving!  I have finished the last draft and am typing the edits into the final copy.   Next I will do the podcast/audiobook.  This is hard but fun, and allows me to review the text for the really-last-time.  After the podcast, I will do the ebook and paperback.  I totally like Time Diving, but, what the heck, I am the author.
So what have I been doing?  Aside from my day-job, I'm working on a non-fiction book about medicine.  I have maybe half the volume needed written.  I must await retirement to release it, as my employer is not fond of ANY mention of work-related material.  But, in a year or so, I will have a tight, brilliant book ready to spring on the world.
Just finishe Myke Bartlett's book Fire in the Sea.  Very nice, well worth a look-see.  I am stunned with Myke's Salmon and Dusk series so I was worried this new one would be off the mark.  No way, very nice.  Please check it out.
So, the podcast is at least 3-4 months off, early 2013.  I have the voices cast, but getting the lines in my computer is a ways off.  When you only do a book every 2-3 years, it pays to do it the way you want to, so I do.

Thanks for caring, and I personally guarantee you'll love Time Diving!