Less Than Random Thoughts From a Science Fiction Author and Generally Good Guy [ Fawkes ]

Saturday, April 24, 2010

OK Now, I need People!

A bounty of riches? May be, but what I have is approximately one and a half tons of audio editing to do, and I need people, ones I can pass the assignment on to. PB.com has released the aubiobook versions of prepared podcasts to Audible.com. Very cool, and Anon Time is now on Audible. But I did not do the audiobook edits for The Innerglow Effect, because it takes time, and was only theoretical, since PB.com hadn't sealed the deal yet. Well, now they have, so I need to edit 6.5 hours of TIGE for Audible (not to mention the re-narration of Chapter 1, because I sound asleep), while continuing to edit The Prisoner of NaNoWriMo, and forget transcribing Time Diving from hand written to Word. Bottom line, I have weeks of scut work (medical-eze for drudgery) before I can allow myself to write creatively again. Oh well, I asked for it.
I took the liberty of nominating my 2 podcasts for Parsec Awards. They are the correct length and release times to fit in different categories. I assumed thousands of others have nominated the books also, but no harm in being cautious, right. Hey, I heard you snickering back there, yes, you on the left, behind the dude with the pimp hat. You laugh, but I'm, for now, in the running. Actually, I think my work is better than many, if not the best, but could be top 5-ish. I heard you again, one more outburst, and I'll have to ask you to leave this blog!
Just back from Hearst Castle, my first trip there. What a wonderful insane place. It's so similar to Southern Spain I got homesick. Definitely go if you possibly can. Well, I gotz editing to to that taint doin' itself, so saludos amigos, vos veo luego.........

Saturday, April 17, 2010

What We Wish For, After a Fashion

First off, I finished the rough narration of The Prisoner and am well into editing, yeah! I had my first less than absolutely pleased response to a PB.com review, a good one mind you, but was relieved to read the resulting discussion chain where several others repeated independently (unaware of my comments) the same things I'd said. Whew! I know I'm right, but I am reassured to find others are too ; ) . My wife looks at me sideways and oddly, questioning why I bother to review PB.com works, just for the very reason the bruised egos and ruffled feathers will not make my individual journey any easier. Well, I do so, literally, because no one else will. I have read, correction, started, almost all the sci/fi fantasy and most of the horror titles, and I would have liked a head's up. I delayed listening to some gems, and suffered to start some dogs of literature, because of lack of a trustworthy well organized resource such as I hope to compile. We'll see, especially as I finish reviewing the good, and start on the bad and the ugly, how it goes.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Like passing a 20 pound kidney stone, but I finally finished the rough narration of The Prisoner. Editing will prob only take a week, then I need the 'er elusive bumper music and final cover. But, the end is mostly in sight, and then I can focus on my first fourth book, Time Diving, which I bank on. Bank on, you ask, you plan to make money on it? Not actually. By bank on, I mean I'm staking myself as a valid author to the merits of this book. The first three are practice/early words, on-the-job training, that sort of fodder. I like them, but can see gaping holes and 'cute' images. In the next book, I want what readers opine about the book to be true marks of what I can, or cannot, produce. We will see........

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Chipping and Chipping

Well, I'm slowly chipping away at the narration for The Prisoner Of NaNoWriMo, so that's good, but I'm such a terrible reader, it's slow. I have mild dyslexia, and cannot read a page, even one I wrote, corrected, and just tried to narrate 30 seconds ago, without hesitation and re-does. As a result, I edit a lot. But, I like the escargot, move forward.
I listened to Bryan and Abbie's new podcast, Fullcast Podcast today, Episode one. Very nice, and a must for all but the most expert of podcast novelists (Nathan Lowell need not apply), whether you solo read or add actors.
Like most writers, as I've said too often before, I do miss the writing itself, the creative force. But, what good is writing a novel if you don't go to the significant effort of getting it out in the world, for others to read and hopefully enjoy? It's not narcissism on my part, just that and artist needs to be experienced, or they are not validated, and hence it ain't art.
I think I'll do 1 or 2 more nice PB.com reviews, and then take a whack at a good review of a lousy book. No death threats or hate mail please.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

No, It's Not A Morbid Thought

This Monday I was dragging myself into work, bemoaning my fate for having to drag myself into work on this, or any, Monday. I mentioned this to a patient, my case of the mondays, and we joked about it a bit, then it hit me! I have only 157 Mondays left before I'm eligible for Early Retirement!! For you youngies out there, early retirement date means the date you retire. Get me out of this asylum. I may be heading for another asylum, part time, but at least there'll be a different warden. So, now I look forward to Mondays, next week's will but 156 left. I hope this works (not too optimistic, but hope springs eternal from the imagination of the fully desperate).
With glue afixxed to my soles, I'm slowly editing though The Prisoner. I had to correct so sub par passages too, but in the end I think the story will put a few smiles on a few faces, if not spawn belly laughs. After I'm done, I'm buying an H4 microphone to do the next book, so I can eliminate the computer fan sounds. Plus, toys are fun and I want some. Have a blessed day (which ever one you may be reading this on).......craig

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Deep Sigh and Shoulder to the Wheel Again

OK, yes I do feel somewhat, or a bit more, sad for myself, I may get over it, but I will go on. I am determined to finish narrating Prisoner of NaNoWriMo this weekend, so I can sound edit it next week and then be done, pending a cover. I want to work on the second draft of Time Diving, polish it up. It is my fourth book, but the only one which is new, begun late last year, and done without a time line, like NaNoWriMo. I hope to make it an initial statement of what I am capable of as an author, no excuses or yah but's. I really achieve what I wanted to , and I think I did so powerfully. Of course this is independent of whether it is the type of things many people might choose to read, but somehow I cannot help that. I want to be wildly acclaimed, but I'd rather do the best I can.
I am torn whether to try medical suspense next, or fantasy. Both are more marketable areas, more potential readers, and I'm surely primed to do medical fiction, but I don't want to feel I'm pandering in any way. If I was getting paid a lot of money I'd pander like heck, but for what I'm pulling down, I'll maintain my ivory tower of integrety.
Ah well, enough lament and apologia, as my pal Milton says, off to pastures new. Have a great Easter with those you love, and who love you. If you think no one does love you, remember I do.