Less Than Random Thoughts From a Science Fiction Author and Generally Good Guy [ Fawkes ]

Saturday, March 7, 2015


Alright then!  All my friends are toasting to the occasion.  I finished the first draft of The Corporate Virus!  Ending up around 105K words, this novel rocks.  It follows a man determined not to give in to the changes around him.  The wolrd's gone mad.  Anyone in a position of authority starts acting, speaking, and thinking the same way.  Common sence is cast aside for conformity to The Company.  It's all very Big Brother and 1984!

Of course, now the real work begins.  I have to edit the beast!  After that, I will have it professionally edited.  Then, it will be ready for prime time!  I Hope this all takes place in the next two months.  Now that I'm retired, I can really get things done if I focus.  Anyway, stay tooned and I'll kept on truckin'  ; )