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Saturday, March 9, 2013

For Fun AND Profit?

Random thoughts on this fine Saturday morning.  For several years I've written indie novels (independent publishing/promotion) and have podcast them as serialized audiobooks.  A recent exchange with a peer prompted me to reflect on what i do. I have always called it "my knitting."  You know, a creative thing one does for the joy of it which you there have trouble even gifting to others because they cringe so obviously when you reach into your basket to pull the creation out. Many of my friends and co-conspirators are beginning to wonder if our knitting are worth it - are we foolish to waste/gift our time and effort with no realistic prospect of a profit.  The podcasting, especially, is time consuming and returns paltry monies.  I think, in the end, we face two options.  Podcast for the grins and giggles - and the friendships - or try to make a return on time-invested with ebooks/CreatSpace.  There is an issue there where the number of indie books is expanding faster than the known universe, so standing out from the madding crowd is a challenge.  So, it could be writing/creating will, in the end, just have to be a hobby, paying as well as sport fishing or riding a bike.  There is no way to know how many indie authors are even marginally successful - too many of them either lie or cheat.  The ones who are honest are probably equally silent - penis envy, if you will, about the claimed success of those broadcasting wild success.  Did you know, for example, there are services indie authors can and do hire to buy their books en mass so the title will shoot to the top of the best selling list?  When the campaign ends, the service asks for and receives a full refund from the author - their client.  Bottom line, if you love it, do it.  If your goal is to be well paid for your effort, put in so overtime at your day-job.