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Friday, July 30, 2010

Oh Well......

Didn't make the finalists in any group I was eligible for in the Parsec Awards, which is probably for the best. Seeing who/what was put up makes me wonder what the Awards are awarding, so I would have stood little chance of winning if I went all the way to Atlanta to attend.
Finished TPN podcast, waiting for the cover to release, and excited about that. Also sent the text for editing, so when I release the ebook and paper editions, it'll be clean and shiny. I started the second draft of Time Diving, really really loving being back at this end of the process. The creative effort is what gives me such joy and completion; I wish I could just write, but then I'd never release, and hence never really know if I'm any good. Vicious cycle, eh what? At a 3 day dog show in Lompoc, so I'll steal some quality time writing there between events. PS: if you're in Lompoc, stop by and say hi in the saluki ring area; not certain why you'd be in Lompoc, but if you are, a hug is in order. Have a wonderful weekend, and may creativity strike you firmly 'top a the head.

Monday, July 26, 2010


OMG OMG OMG!!! I have finished all the recording, correcting, and editing of The Prisoner of NaNoWriMo (TPN)!!!!! I have to record the final outro, which I always save until everything is done, so I can 'look back' fondly. Renee has listened to the first 12 episodes, and corrected a few things which I missed, so as near to perfect as possible copy of TPN will be available at a podcast site near you soon. Laura is almost done with the cover, which is brilliant, so when it's in my hot little hands, I release! OMG, did I mention that. This will be my 3rd podiobook released in one year, 8/10/09-8/10/10. I will probably never be so prolific again, as I need to live out other aspects of life, but I'm kinda proud of myself just now.
After the PB.com release is set, I'll polish off the Smashwords.com edition, the submit it to a small publisher whose looking at my earlier work, while concurrently producing a LuLu paperback on my own to try and help get the message out. Whew! That doesn't count trying to get a paper copy of the first two books out, never mind working on my second draft of Time Diving. I need people, you know, people to do the 'little' things for me. Oh well, until then, I'll be shoveling coal all by my lonesome, and having a blast.............

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Final Push; the Birthing of a Podcast Novel

I am off the next week, so have no excuse not to finish Prisoner. I need to dub some redo's of Piers' voice for episode 9, then patch together 10-15, and I'm done. I changed Piers' voice so much as the narration evolved, and I liked the final voice so much, that I've redone maybe 75% of his lines. Lesson learned for Time Diving, choose a voice well, do it once, save your ass a lot of time. I am proud that I've waited to release the book however, since I've improved it so greatly in the last 2 months that is a wonder to behold (well, I behold it as such, and please do not scoff at my enthusiasm). Laura is almost done with the cover, so no roadblock there. Any one out there considering a book cover of similar image should give her a look see. Plus, as I keep saying, y'all are going to love Renee's roles, she' a superb voice actor getting better. Finally, I do not hope you have a great day, I am commanding you to; no options, be great!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Countdown is Live....

Soooo, I have the first 6 episodes of Prisoner done and in the can, and Renee has previewed them and agrees I'm ready for prime time (my words, not her's). Laura made a spectacular preliminary cover, and we should wrap that up this week. With any luck at all, I can go live in 1-2 weeks! I am excited, need less to say. As soon as I post the podiobook, I'll format the ebook, takes about 1 day, and then on to Lulu or someone to make a proper book!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Excellent News for the Universe

As I'm wrapping up the edits for Prisoner, I've put together a few more audio assignments for Renee, who has graciously consented to do them. The good news for the universe is, she is doing them; great news for all our ears! She's hammed up a couple great accents and personalities, so I think you'll be surprised as well as pleased. I seem to recall someone mentioning a shell on some blog. Maybe voice acting can help them exit it a tad. We'll see.....
I also asked Laura Givens to help with a cover, so, whew, not only will it be great, but you won't have to suffer seeing another on mine. Check out her fabulous art at: http://www.lauragivens-artist.com/
Prisoner may now go live within the month, hopefully. I really like how it's shaping up, you should find it quite the hoot.
OK, coffee, landscaping, bike ride, errands, editing, celebrate my daughter's birthday dinner, the old 1-6 punch to knock out the day. Enjoy yourselves............

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Did You See That Tachyon Just Now?

So I released another 365 Days of Astronomy podcast today. This one is about the theoretical faster than light particle the tachyon. Check it out if you've ever wondered about these popular scifi tools.
Renee gave me her Romanian gypsy lines yesterday----spectacular!! You are going to love them in Prisoner. What a treat to have access to such talent. So I have her doing a trippy space alien, an ex-shot putter, and a Hilary Clinton inspired judge. Combined with Bryan Lincoln's life-worn Don the Barber and my kooky voices, Prisoner is going to be a hoot.