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Saturday, April 30, 2011

'kay then, sitting here in Vegas at 7am I have completed the major overhaul-edit of TD! The final sheet of paper are more red with corrections than black and white with printed text, but that which is very similar to the final product is done! All parents, at least for the first few years, think their children are beautiful and clever. I think TD is troublingly good. I hope, in a few months, you will rest the book down after finishing it and agree with me.
After I type the changes in I need to add a few scenes, which will not take long - a week or so. Then I must decide upon and paste-in the poetry headers for each chapter. That will take time - several weeks. I have listed potential experts, but I do not think I have enough and certainly do not know where they go. Baby-steps. Did I mention how pleased I am with the final TD? Well, I am.
I hear voices - well. It is a gift. I can recall a voice and identify it years later. That ad is narrated by Tim Allen, for example, pops into my head all the time. I cast my podcasts continually in my head, so I listen to people and ask myself where they might fit into a story. Okay, so last night we went to the Venetians production of Phantom of the Opera, which is superb by-the-by. The opening scene is the auction of the burned out theatre. The auctioneer has maybe 10 lines, but he has a rich baritone so I turn to Karen and comment on the wonders of his instrument. Fast forward 2 hours, we are sitting in Zeffirino's Restaurant (a must people - a must) for drinks and appetizers. The couple at the next table are friendly, chatting it up with the piano player and then us. The wife starts playing a set when Joe, the regular, is on break. She, Betsy, is great. Her husband, Mike, sings a few numbers too, and I say to my self, the man has a professional voice, probably did drama in school and still tries to keep a hand-in, all that. So we tell them we're here for a long weekend and Mike says, well have you seen 'my production' the Phantom? I reply, why yes, we just came from it. Mike says, me too - I was the auctioneer! Small world. I complement his voice and he is thrilled. He was also the "phantom who tossed a stagehand to his death with a hang men's noose and is the understudy for the phantom! Dude, small world! We ask if they'll be there tomorrow, at Zeffirino's. Betsy will, but Mike, Micheal Lackey-photo in the handbill and all - probably not - he's doing both Saturday shows. Dude! And Joe, the piano player, was special ops in Viet Nam as a piano player, after serving in WWII. What a long strange trip it is. Me, I'm an indie novelist and a podcaster - whose the dull member of that academy?
Well, have a great weekend - looks like we will be...... craig

PS: I got my first Amazon.com review of TPN. It's from someone I don't know who did not "have to" like the book! http://amzn.to/dHuLbQ Life is good : 0

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Very Interesting - But...

So, long time, no post, but I have been productive. I am finishing the last few pages of the re-edit of TD, so - almost there! When done, I must type the edits in - a few weeks - then re-edit. Yes, that's what it takes to produce a quality product - wash, rinse, repeat. After that I have to add a few scenes I have in mind and the poetry chapter quotes - very slick, don't you know. After that a professional edit, then... blah blah blab - we'll see. But progress, non the less.
I also joined The Writer's Cafe on Kindle Boards http://www.kindleboards.com/index.php/board,60.0.html
Interesting site, suggested by Nathan Lowell. Some drivel, of course, but some interesting ideas from indie authors. It may prove valuable, tapping into other's experiences and insights. Check it out!
I post from Las Vegas, where I am for a medical conference. Only here one day, but walking 'the strip' last night, well, let's just say I got funny looks from my wife when I kidded that we should move here. Not a sophisticated place - at least in my one day experience. Lots of adult FLK's. What's that, you ask? In pediatrics, FLK is a standard term. It stands for 'funny looking kid'. It is code between pediatricians that there is no specific genetic diagnosis, but sumpin' ain't quite right with this one. Where do FLK's go, when they grow up? Apparently the LV Strip. Sorry to any readers who live here. On the shuttle to the hotel, when we stopped at a red light just off the strip, 3 very homeless looking type sat on the curb. Before the light changed, the center guy lurched up and vomited up his entire stomach content, while the 2 flanking him ate blithely along. Ah, Vegas, thanks for the greeting. On the Strip, lots of really really drunk 20-somethings, mixed in with real (only one really) drunk more-than-twenty-somethings and at least 100 Mexicans trying to force-hand you ads for the delivery, to you, of the topless girls pictured who must have been less than clear to their plastic surgeons how big they wanted their beast implants, because they are, truth be told - and I speak as a physician and a male- too large. The most awful part was the number of visitors with infant children in stroller parading past, and families with many children in tow. People, do not bring children to LV - okay - seriously: NO!
Did I mention the woman walking in front of us? My wife noticed she had very shear white pants on and she panties had writing blocked on them in black. Over her buttock - a rather substantial buttock I might note for photographic clarity- read, on the left check "HAVE" and on the right check "FUN". Fun, and panties, and buttocks may never be the same for me. I wonder if there's a support group for this form of PTSD?
So, back to literature. Okay... well, sorry for the tirade, but, wow, Vegas baby (at least it stays here)..............craig

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Got A Review!!

Baby steps, yes, that's the path to follow - baby steps. I found the first review of the written book (not podcast) of The Prisoner of NaNoWriMo. This is exciting, folks. Here's the link: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/133598321 . What is exciting is the review is very positive, by someone I do not know, and on GoodReads (an excellent site for readers). I read that many of my peers are selling and getting published, and, yes, I get a little jealous. It means the world, however, to know someone out there validates my efforts. Thanks, Universe - I love ya! PS: Thanks to Sherry Ramsey - you're up there with the universe on this one http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/1624178-sherry-ramsey

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's Semi-Official

Okay, it's sort of set in my brain - my next book. As I am almost through the writing part of TD, my mind has wandered as to where-next. Last night in bed I started writing, involuntarily mind you, scenes from my one of the books I was thinking of doing. The lead character is a certified wise-ass, the dialogue snappy, and I think I am equal to the task. So, it will be a medical novel! It will deal with the corporatization of medical delivery. I know, it may sound off-putting, but, trust me, I'm a doctor, it will be way cool. More later........ off to work now ; )