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Saturday, May 16, 2015

After A Lot Of Work

After a LOT of time and effort, I am done reediting The InnerGlow Effect!  Above is the new cover, which I think is really sweet.  Thanks, again, Starla.  What transpired was that, based on several poor reviews of TIE, I took a critical look at the book.  I did my best to improve it, and re-released it.  This effort was, in point of fact, fairly weak too.  A kind reader, Mary Drebelis, pointed this out, and set me on the path to actually having the darn thing professionally edited.  Based on this effort, I also had Time Diving professionally edited, and the paperback is released and the ebook will be done and out next week.
I am a little sad that I allowed substandard product to be out there so long.  But now I am proud that I have three excellent books published as ebooks and paperbacks.  Trust me, this is no easy feat.  I pride myself on my stories, on my character interactions, and on my ability to bring the unexpected twist to my tales.  I knew I was not a grammarian, and I am historically a terrible speller.  But, boy howdy, was I ever soft it the technical areas.
At least I learned.  From now on, any novels I publish will be professionally vetted.  The issue with this addition, as an indie author, is cost.  I can have a 100, 000 word novel scanned professionally for superficial errors for around $500.  It is easy to pay more.  Real "tear-apart" editing would be more like a thousand dollars.   Fortunately, I can afford this luxury.  I fell for the bulk of my peers who probably find this type of cost unbearable.
But, bottom line, I am now content and pleased with my published works.  Going forward, as I promote them and people read them, I will know the only issue is the quality of my writing.  I feel I'm strong there, but if I'm not, well then, I guess I will need a new hobby.  RC airplanes, anyone?