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Saturday, March 27, 2010

On Your Mark, Get Set, Judge Others

OK, I posted my first review of a book from PB.com. I'll add easy ones at first, the newer greater ones, before dropping less than stellar posts. Eventually, I hope this is a useful resource. See links to the right if you want to check a post.
Otherwise, pluggin' away at editing Prisoner of NaNoWriMo, and I have submitted preliminary specs for new, real, cover for Anon Time.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Won't Bore You, but....

Inspiration is about as far from me as youth and good-looks. I won't bore you to say why, it's too sad and personal, but it will be a few days at least before I will feel the interest in reality to even attempt a cheery or insightful remark..........

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Extre Extre, Redz All 'Bout It

Because the world, in these dangerous and uncertain times, needs my input, I have bravely elected to do an ongoing blog reviewing current books on Podiobooks.com. I, on your behalf, will employ my rapier-like wit, my keen literary insight, and my proud ability to make a fool of myself in a public forum to review these podcasts. I hope to make your choices of which to hit and which to miss easier. I review, you follow my every word, and you cannot go wrong, because I'm never wrong, right? Those of you who know me personally have the correct answer to that query. Adelante....craig

One Fine Saturday

But aren't they all? I finished off a subopitmal week of work, but have big plans of relaxing and further distinguishing myself from the dullards who reign there supreme. I see the second greatest number of patient in my specialty in our (Kaiser's) Northern California clinics system, twice what most comparable MD's see. So when I say I'm working harder than they do, it's a matter of fact, not simple whining. Yesterday I had to slog though a heavy day alone, while noticing the 4 other area clinics were well staffed and time weighed heavy on their collective hands. Then I get a letter from upper management stating I was out of line writing in a note that a patient should be paid by the insurer what they were owed. That's why the patient came in, just so I'd write that, and bean-associates said it was out of bounds! I also attended a 2 hour meeting Wednesday where a corporate clone who does not see patients gave a boring talk about elementary aspects of patient care. I would have rather been in line at the Post Office. But, it's over, I can narrate some text, bike, garden, decompress.
The best news though. I sent my design ideas off to a team of brothers in Spain for a cover for my first book, Anon Time. The Carmona brothers are very imaginative, so the end product should be marvelous. Once complete, I can finally get a paperback book produced. Then I can try selling it at shows, and can radically expand my sales opportunities. Then I'll do the same for The Innerglow Effect, and by then, The Prisoner of NaNoWriMo will be set. I for one will feel more complete, more real then.
Well, bills to pay, worlds to vanquish..........craig

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Old Friends and Long Shots

Just how desperate am I? Well let me tell you. I just Twitted Adam West and will pitch him on doing a cameo narration for my next Podiobook! Yah, I'm nutz! He was a friend of my stepmother in the 1950's, good friends mind you, and I will ask on her behalf that he gift me a few lines. If I get through to him, I think he'll do it, so we'll see. I definitely cannot afford his going rate, whatever it may be. It would be so cool, and it would get me read, as lots of his fans would read the book just to hear him. I'll stay calm for now. But it would be sweet.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pre-Exploding Head

I'm working today, making it a long day, but I'm off tomorrow! As I currently work 4X 10 hour shifts, I get a day off per week; sweet, right? Tomorrow I hope to get more Prisoner of NaNoWriMo narrated and editied, I may be half way through or so. I can eeck out a moment here and there during a work day, and sound editing can be choppy and still be adequate (and tolerable) but with focus I can get a good deal done manana. This book is cute, but I'm really looking forward to concentrating on Time Diving, which I think will be remarkable ;0 . Anyway, stay tuned, if you are tuned, and I'll be off to help another little lost sheep.........

Monday, March 15, 2010

I have really come to love the creative process of fiction writing. I hope my efforts are good enough to read, but the process is a real high in and of itself. So, why mention this seemingly obvious fact? Because it's all the other stuff! I finished my first draft of Time Diving a couple weeks ago. It was wonderous, spending all my spare time manipulation words and characters. But now, I have to do the scut work. Yecko! I have to type the manuscript into text. After that long process, I can proof it, usually by narrating it for Podiobooks.com, which takes a few months to get right. Of course, I can only devote significant time to Time Diving when I've wrapped up The Prisoner of NaNoWriMo; I'm about half way through the narration. So, all these distractions mean I can't write. If I did, want I produced would only be that much further from finishing, due to the stuff in line ahead of it. I told Karen yesterday I needed 'people' to do this worky work for me. She rolled her eyes at yet another great idea of mine. Ah, the slings and arrows.
I love it when I have a finished book out there, so it's all worth it, but I don't love narrating and editing and chasing down a cover, and all the peripheral machinations. In the end, I am not complaining, just whining.........

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pressure To Shine

The problem with being a serious blogger, like I'd know, right, is that you have to have something to say, something wise, alluring, in short, something worth saying. What if you don't? Easy, then don't blog. But why, I ask you, have a blog, if you are not blog-worthy? Too many questions.
The very format of a blog is curious to me in the first place. It is, I think, a diary. Traditionally, one kept a secret diary to store thoughts and impressions, for some reason. I don't know, I never kept a diary. I had running logbooks, astronomy log books, but not personal diaries. I read the Diary of Samuel Peeps, which is a treasure trove of insights from his time, so pivotal in English history, but I doubt my blog can equal that charge. So why diary (a new verb people, like to party, or to blog, for that matter)? Well, I do wish to explicate my writings, so there's a reason. Also, in the fullness of time, I would like to cull out a cadre of kindred spirits to befriend. I plan on writing as long as the Good Lord allows, and to attend conferences/Cons, so a group of chums would be nice.
We'll see.
In any case, welcome again, and I promise not to examine inquisitively my navel any longer, well, not too much, OK?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Blog's The Word

For my first real blog entry, I'd like to talk about...........blogs. I setup my website several months ago, but have been struggling with setting up the blog feature. I use Network Solutions as a web-host. They have Word Press embedded in their options, and I've tried to comprehend it's complexities, with little to no luck. I've been to WP's site, but it's so technical that it was little help. I've Google searched, no good info. Recently I was reading Renee Chambliss' blog, The Pointed Squiggle, and I noticed she used Blogger.com. Knowing her to be a very prudent individual, I checked the site. Wow! Within 30 minutes, I had this blog up and running, links, photos, content, the whole enchilada! So, if you are ever of a mind to start a blog, use Blogger.com. Thanks Renee, your are, once again, a saint.
I'm hoping to discuss my approach to my novels, giving an historical background, for future reference, as I hope readers will be curious down the line where inspirations and plot twists came from. For now, party on dudes, and have a great weekend.............craig

Thursday, March 11, 2010

On my mark, get ready, start blogging.......

OK, as an old friend of mine, Obie Wan Kenobi used to say, you have taken your first steps into a new world. And so I have. This is my first posting in the blog I've set up to let you know a little about me, the man behind the writing. Hey, you're the one who wanted to know, it's not like I'm narcissistic and love the sight of my own words. So, in the coming days, I will talk some about my novels, how I came up with them, the creative processes, and my intentions, and will talk some about me, because I am such an expert on that subject ;o . Hopefully, as we get going, you'll chime in and make this a real discussion. I would like that.