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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Here We Are Arrived at Thanksgiving

So it's Thanksgiving Day (TGD). It is a fun day, but honestly always a pressure-packed day. For those outside of the USA who may not be familiar with the holiday, let me explain the nuance. It is a day ostensibly set aside to commemorate the success of the European settlement of the North American continent. Supposedly, when the religious Pilgrims of New England, when contented that they would survive, pitched a feast for themselves and the LIPS ( local indigenous population, don't you know). In retrospect, the LIPS probably had little to be thankful for, but so goes the legend. Today it has become a treasured holiday. The reason is simple - it's only about friends and too much food. Who doesn't love that? Christmas and Easter demand religious devotion, New Years is a pagan celebration of revelry, other holidays have their own baggage to co-commemorate. But Thanksgiving is easy. Get together with friends and eat too much. So it is beloved. Of course the down-side is that when the family gathers, it assumes proximity. In all cases, actually in many cases, this is desirable in theory, but not in reality. If a family is dysfunctional, all hell breaks loose. If auntie drinks too much and embarrasses everyone, then so it will be again. My family is very scattered and non-communicative. While this is both a fact and fine with me, it could drive me mad that we cannot get together on TGD as we are supposed to. It's all that $#**%@! Norman Rockwell's fault, may he have acid reflux this day. He portrays this idyllic family at the showcase supper, all happy, prosperous, and not killing each other. Such is rarely the case. So, while we look forward to TGD, we often also dread it. Now for the one of you out there who enjoy the Rockwellesk celebration, please forgive me. Also, you are unlikely to conceive of the majority of our mixed-feeling regards TGD. And so it goes...
Big news. I finished the final first draft of TD and printed it up to re-proof. It currently stands at 106,000 words, by far a new high for me. We will see how much my editor suggests I snip-out, but, wow, that's a big book. I am adding the poetry in, then I'll work on an appendix which defines big words and obscure references. I realize that I do, and actually strive to, mix in the odd-ball turn-of-the-phrase and want to keep everyone up-to-speed and not lose them. Plus, it's fun and different, so I'm in!
I hope and pray that you (yes you!) have a blessed TGD and that joy finds you and plants a big wet kiss on your lips (note married men out there, that's "j" joy, not "J" Joy the neighbor's wife). I am very thankful for you.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Yes, yes , yes. I finished the first good draft of Time Diving! I could actually go to print with it, that what I mean by 'good draft'. I have to write-in a scene, then edit in the poetry for chapter lead-ins, but then it is off to my editor, and then... publishing! I will keep you posted! Yes!!!