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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Insane Creativity?

Or just plain insane - that is the question. Hello, after a bit of a break - I'm back! I have been working hard on TD and am about half way though the first edit. The pages are ALL marked up abundantly, as I refocus and morph the text into that which is more pleasing to the creator (me, seriously, not Him. However large my ego may seem and is, it is not of that denomination - please!). I am going with a Simon Winchester-like style, for those of you who have read his fabulous books. Honestly, I'm not copying him, as his style of flowery, artfully crafted, and evocative prose is in my. Many, my editor included, cringe and correct when they see a salvo his wordiness a-comin', but I resist. I figure, and rightly so I propose, that if I'm going to not make money and not be read but too many souls, I might as well do so in a manner which pleases me, strikes my cord - n'est paz? There you have it, a sample of verbose versus loquacious, flowery versus over-the-top-gratuitous amateurism. You decide.
I will ease-up now, so you can finish this post in a timely manner and still make something of your day ; ) I have the feeling TPN, both podcast and print, are not getting much recognition, but I am, as many of my peers are, at a loss as to how to fan the flames. I have sent off a few copies for review, but that's about it. I realize TPN is a niche-type book, but I do feel it is well written, so any true fan of literature would like it, but I did make my marketing task rather challenging.
The issue is whether to set about to write that which is in your head versus that which would play-well-in-Peoria and could be driven into your head. Vanity, and possibly an acknowledgement that I will not be experiencing much notoriety a priori, push me to the former category. Fear of failure, not being very good in the first place, and the concession of defeat before the beginning may well spur me into the do-your-own-thing grouping too. Who knows? Certainly not me.
You have heard me say it before and will hear me say it all too often, but good and popular are two very different critters. MacDonald's, Bud Lite, Johns Patterson and Grisham, and whomever is president of the United States all stand as irrefutable evidence for the high-level with which mediocrity is rewarded. We all want to fantasize our opus, be it written, played, painted, or raised from infancy, will be the exception. Our certifiably and verifiably wondrous offering is so transcendentally, universally appealing, that it will be mega-Hollywood-rock-star popular, loved, adulated and emulated. I fear such is not the case. Back to Simon Winchester, he is as close as I've seen to the exception. His historical non-fiction is superbly crafted, spellbindingly well written, and commercially popular. Carl Sagan's Cosmos is the most sold scientific book in human history, and it is, if not terrific, at least very nice. Contemplating their successes yesterday, I began thinking the following. I am great. Since I am, what topic can I write about which will reproduce their wild successes? I'm a physician. Okay, I can write a book about medicine, opening up some aspect, small or large, which the public will glom-onto. Oprah, Letterman, and Stewart will fight to have me on... etc.... etc... and so it goes.
Then I thought, well there is already a lot of that medical-stuff out there, and wouldn't that be sleazy of me, and... oh bugger-it... do want you want and be happy. My conclusion, my epiphany, you wonder after. Ah, well, I sorta didn't have one... I'm just sorta stuck here writing this post and... well... say, have I asked, how's your day going? How are the family and the kids? How about that sports team bunch of fellows you fancy - real heroes, are they not?
Oh bother.
The photo? You ask what is the photo meant to be iconic of? It is me, bound-up in my insane creativity. Not buying that one, eh? Well, it's me bound-up insane, the reason I have not posted in so long. Grumble grumble - why is it you do believe that version?
So, kiss yourself for me, as it is neigh-on impossible for me to do it through this medium. Peace out............craig

Friday, March 11, 2011

Okay, Friday - Measure Up!

You are Friday, the icon of desire, the end-goal of the week. I guess it is up to you to deliver today, now isn't it. Dig-deep, my friend Friday, and give us a good one!

Addendum from Saturday 3/12: You were doing okay, Friday, up till that last idiot patient. You just had to send me a nut-case, didn't you! I will remember it, bud - watch your back (ah, that would be Thursday, right - a close personal friend of mine)!