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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Alright, Already

I am s-l-o-w-l-y getting the editorial changes intercalated into TPN, by boy-o-boy is it slow! In the end it will be a very nice book, more brilliant ; ) and more readable, but time's a wastin' here! The podcast continues to be very well received, over 1200 listeners, so very cool. I am experimenting with inserting 'ads' into the stream. For now I will place ads for my favorite podcasts from other authors and also my other 2 books. In the long run, I am wondering if I can insert brief paid ads to generate income without relying on donations. I know many blogs and websites use print ads, but I am not certain there are audio ads, you know like radio ads, available to post-up. We'll see in time. For now one step at a time and focus on the writing quality. I've not made any progress on Time Diving since I'm spending my free-time on TPN still. Oh well, all in good time. I have decided to expand the speaking segments of TD as I can think of some brilliant voice actors I'd like to utilize, and if I get them, the more they say the merrier I'll be! So, off to face Saturday, which is, in the end, not such a hard thing to do. Love and kisses.........craig

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Okay, Okay...

So, stop twisting my arm, I'll smile, okay? I am over-coming the management penalty and, okay, I can smile some. Life is good, my wife is wonderful and my latest book is doing well. I have been deep in thought today about where to go after I finish Time Diving. I need to focus on a serial story, I think, one where I can develop a world and spin-off short stories as needed. I have a fantasy world outlined in my mind, but I'm not certain that's the direction I need to head. Hopefully a wondrous creation will pop out of spontaneity. Well, it could happen...right? Well, it could. I'll stay Tinker-Bell happy inside, and we'll see, that's all I'm saying..............good night my friend............

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cover Your Ears, Please

Okay, so 3 days back to work from a wonderful, memorable vacation. I have a great job really, helping people. And I do a great job of it, give-that-guy-a-medal type of great, really. I have, however, only one word for management: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOO
HHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEARARARARARA, rot in shallow unmarked graves. Oops, that's 6 words, isn't it?
Two years seven months, God give me strength.........

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Once More, Then I'll Stop ( I Promise )

Okay, the one month totals for The Prisoner of NaNoWriMo are in. I'll pat myself on the back one last time, then promise - or something close to it - that I'll stop ; )
Officially 760 listeners! Top countries: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, DENMARK!, and New Zealand, Japan and China. Wow! TPN is #8 for PB.com Top Ten Daily download list, and #6 for the Monthly Top Ten! Way cool. There are 3 episodes to go. As the last two are best heard as one, I'll release one today, then the finale next Sunday : )
The text edit is still there; funny, it won't do itself. Disrespectful little opus, bah! I've only added a few things to the text which are not in the podcast, and nothing significant enough to go back and re-narrate. So, if you'll excuse me, I'll be going for a bike ride, the errands (yes, shower first, sheesh), and then a little editing. Have a wonderful and relaxing day..........craig

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

You Go, Prisoner!

Well, The Prisoner of NaNoWriMo (TPN) continues to exceed my wildest hopes. Not quite three weeks into its release as a podcast, and not fully released yet, TPN is cooking! TPN has over 600 downloads of episode 1, meaning that many people have at least started it. TPN hangs in at # 6 on Podiobooks.com's Monthly Top Ten List. Wow, I am humbled : 0
I'm chipping away at the text edit, but - darn it all - I have to got snorkeling on Ke'e Beach today, so there goes the day's work. Oh well! So stay well and stay happy my friend - I am ; )

Sunday, September 5, 2010

And so it Goes.....

Very well deserved congratulations to the great [ possibly the greatest ] Nathan Lowell on his Parsec award for his Captain's Share Podcast. Strong work my boy! Nathan deserve the award not just for this book, or the series it belongs to, but for all he's done for podcasting over the years. He is one of the early pioneers of this medium, a continued creative force in it, and a generous helper to all. He frequents the Mentorship Forum at PB.com, he lends a voice graciously, and goes the double-extra mile, as with the DragonCant broadcast. Thanks Nathan, thanks for everything.
So, back to work Craig! I released 2 more episodes of The Prisoner of NaNoWriMo today. It's really building to a crescendo! Renee's great ditsy secretary performance is among the scenes released today, so check it out - brilliant!
I'm entering the edits to the text, slower than anticipated of course, but I am creating a quality product [ if I do say so myself ]. Maybe a Smashwords release in 2 weeks, maybe. No real progress on Time Diving as a result, but then there's no hurry, right? So, back to work, before relaxing further on Kauai a few days longer.......craig

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Better Just Keep on Improving

So, he said thoughtfully, I am making changes [ most, but not all E ] my brilliant editor Emily Blodget has suggested for the final text of The Prisoner of NaNoWriMo. In the process I have elected to make minor changes which have definitely helped. I have re-discovered that it is important not to be 'done' with a text until it's as good as you can make it. I was going to say not to be 'wedded' to a text, but in a sense I should. A novel, like a marriage, is a living, breathing entity which must change, of course, with time. Both story and marriage should be sculpted and cherished but never made inviolate for arbitrary reasons, such as 'I'm done working on it.'
So, any 'hoo, I live, I learn; how cool is that! I intentionally released the Podiobook.com version before finalizing the text, as the podcast is after all a tale told, so the flow and conventions are different than traditional written word [ at least they are now, right? ]. In the end, I think I will have a very good book to offer as ebook and bound edition. Just thought I'd let you know.
Now back to driving all over Kauai..........peace, craig PS: Emily, please don't edit this post in your head- I can feel you doing it so don't!!!!!!