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Friday, December 31, 2010

Bland New Year's Wishes

So, Happy New Year, and many happy returns!. So I would just like to say... wait, whose that man, just behind you? OMG, he seems to want to do me harm! Maybe if I dodge-right, I'll be okay... Ahh
Can't talk now, see you next year.............craig

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Oh Bother!

Okay, okay, I'm a little late with an update. It's Christmas, external pressures abound, plus, I have become badly addicted to Farmville. Yeah, whose going to harvest my strawberries before they wilt? And chickens lay eggs, but they don't bloody-well collect them, now do they? So of course I'm late with a new post. Actually, I've not had much to say, so I didn't say it. I am writing the scenes where the protagonist (can't call him a hero or star) of TD is changing, becoming more out-of-touch and megalomaniachal. As before, when I writing a depressing, darker sequence, I myself get a bit melancholy. I have removed the "explicit" governor this time out, so there is a lot of foul-language. I never use profanity gratuitously, but in a part where real people are falling apart, swearing does occur. Anyway, I found myself swearing (just a tiny bit mind you) yesterday after penning a particularly tense interaction. Method-acting, I guess, but in this case, method-writing. Just don't be shocked if I pop-off a few ripe words once in a while - it's not me, it's my frakking characters!
I hope the Holidays were good to you and yours. General stress levels sky-rocket this time of year, and many have trouble handling it, so hang in there. It is important to remember the world is not a Norman Rockwell painting ( http://www.hillmanweb.com/xmas/xmasnr01.html ). Maybe a Dali ( http://bit.ly/gKgh51 ) or an Arbus ( http://bit.ly/hsQlk1 ), but never a Rockwell!
Well, off to work now, got to run... oh, maybe I'll check to see if those carrots are ready, but then for sure, off to work............

PS: I hate clowns, but that image was just too right, so forgive me if you were scarred by Red Skelton too.... cr

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Chipping AwayAtIt

I have about 50K words down now in Time Diving (TD). I'm past the less satisfying part of setting the scene and developing the structure. Now I am having the soon-to-regret-it lead start to lose contact with proper reality. Oh, how I almost feel bad engineering his demise, but it is his actions which drag him down, so is it really my fault, I ask you? Thanks in advance for agreeing with me. I am writing several characters more edgy than they were in the first draft. I am already fantasizing how the actors I've selected (in my head) to read the parts will do. Some of the dialog requires some really visceral portraying, so, it will be fun.
I just made the next step in producing the text of The Prisoner. I'd been stalling for a while, trying to figure the formatting, but now I am at a point where I can proceed. I just know the world is sitting on the edge of its seat waiting for this text.
The needed marketing to keep sales of my three books still escapes me, as reflected by the numbers. I read other indie-authors sites, and they at least say they are moving significant product, so I feel lame. Most of these people have serial fantasy stories, so maybe one can build a following. I may write one of those some day, but for now, I keep committing my efforts to other, stand-alone, projects. I like my work, so it must be worthy, right? Why are you shaking your head in disbelief? Ah, do you think I can't see you through the computer screen? And, you in the back, Dave from NY, please stop touching that - you're creeping me out!
So, because life should never be too easy, I'm setting professional changes in motion. That way I can have more stress for less pay, while disappointing a whole bunch of nice people. I have always maintained that one's integrity is about the only positive character-component they really have control over. I feel I'm being forced to choose between a morally superior and a morally inferior path by the powers-that-be [ see 9/16, 10/15, & 11/6/10, for examples]. I don't mind that they are soulless dogs, but I do mine when they force their pestilence and malevolence onto my path. But what fun is it to be a worthless-bottom-dwelling-louse if you can't inflict yourself on others, I ask you?
Enough sober philosophical whining. You don't read this to be depressed, right? I do think it is important for any interested in my writing and the writing process itself to be able to see some real behind the scenes looks at the process. All our lives are similar, so if you see others deal with unwelcome and pointless barriers, you can know better that yours are surmountable. Plus, I do so love whining ; )
Blessed weekends and Christmas Season to you all. Keep reading, writing (if it fits your muse), but most importantly - stay passionate!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Too Busy!

I've been so busy this week I haven't been able to work on TD. Oh pooh! I always say busy is what differentiates those outside nursing homes from those inside nursing homes, but this is getting ridiculous. I will definitely have to make time this weekend. Can't leave John Lennon dead forever, can I now? (oops, spoiler alert!). Hope you week is productive....craig

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Careful Knitting

I'm at am important part in the writing of Time Diving (TD) where 3 principle players meet John Lennon ( in 1966, if you must know). At these important parts, pivotal parts, I want the writing to be it's best and the logic to flow and the story to flow - in short, I wish to amaze! We'll see, right? I am, consequently, hardest on myself at these junctures, and nothing seem good enough. For example, it's a reception line, so everybody's shaking hands. I keep using the word "shake" because, aside from "hand-clasp" and "greeting" I can't think of another word to use. But now I'm worried "shake" appears too often - don't want to be dull or repetitive repetitive, now repetitive would I?
Well, I guess this is what seperats the wheat from the chaff, n' est pas? I sure hope I'm wheat!
Have a great day, and remember, as Telly Savalas used to say, who loves ya, baby......