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Friday, September 30, 2011

Okay, Friday, Show Me What You Got

Interesting and tough week at work. I am getting my Internal Medicine sea-legs back, and I had many many satisfying interactions, but the pace is quick and unyielding, so I can get flustered. Only one new druggy this week, so there's a plus. Also, I got two druggies to stop the narcotics completely and start, however tenuously, on building a new, healthier, and ultimately more meaningful life. That is a real plus. Add in the alcoholic who felt comfortable enough to open-up to me so we could 'dialogue' and it was a brilliant week. I'm not complaining here - just remarking.
I have inched ahead on TD, polishing one of the critical and imaginative scenes. Good stuff. I had a few more reviews on Writ Now! They were very fair, and along the lines of, "Wow, that's a different book. Funny, out of the box, and fast-paced." [paraphrasing for sure - but that was the spirit]. The best thing so far with WRTPN reviews? None have been, "WTF? What idiot wrote this?" So I'm good.
I am still enjoying The Emperor's Edge on PB.com, so do check it out. Time Stryder is new on PB.com, and, though not up to The EE, is still nice. Finally, for all you Renee Chambliss fans out there (from the head-cheerleader - me) she has a nice interview on Full Cast Podcast, so definitely listen-in.
Well, hope your Friday is short and sweet......... catch you on the rebound craig

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Another Day...

Life is funny. Please remember that at all times - funny I tell you. Why do I bring this up? Don't know, exactly, it just struck me that it was that it was. Maybe because when I was changing the title page for my first book, Anon Time, I eyeballed-it, as it were. Funny, I love the story, but only a few years and a few books separate it from where I am now, but the book is, well, unpolished. Lots of typos, misspells, and manners of expression I would not currently use. I made a few simple changes, may make a few more, but then I'll let it go. Rather than spend time re-re-re-writing that one, I'll start a new book and shine cover-to-cover, and leave it at that.
Funny it is also, my new job, which is really my old job. I am a rank-and-file primary care MD, and internist (e-ternal medicine as we call it). I did work comp medicine for a few years. Now I'm back to being a real doctor, which is nice. It's funny, I show-up, confront a new patient or issue, and the old skills come back - like riding a bike. Funny how that works.
A sub-set of funny is that for years I worked with all to often negative coworkers, patients, insurance companies, and employers, and I guess I stopped noticing how dysfunctional it was. Now I'm able to effect very positive changes in with, for the most part, positive coworkers, staff, and administration. Turns out, dysfunctional is less desirable than copacetic. Who'd a thought?
I got some cute comments on my 'guest blog article' which is always reinforcing. I am, it turns out, a compliment whore. Who'd a thunk that?
I am listening to a very good podcast, for those looking as I always am for quality spec fiction podcasts. The Emperor's Edge on Podiobooks.com. Very nice, so check it out if your a fan like me.
So, anywho... 'bout all I got to say, except thanks for listening ; )

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lost At Sea?

So, did yo think I was gone, like lost at sea, adrift in harsh waters and unable to blog? Well, I was not lost at sea. I was lost is busy! My new job is intense, so that soaks-up most of my time. I have moved forward with Time Diving, and really, I think a good draft is only a few weeks away from going to my editor. I really like this one - I know, I've said that before, but I really do!
I have spent some free time trying to advertise Write Now! TPN. Not too productive, but hey, a guy can hope, right? I wrote a guest blog for a fellow blogger, so that may help. When it's live, I'll post the link. A review-copy of Write Now! was published on SF Site, which is huge, so I am stoked. She liked the book! It's at http://www.sfsite.com/08b/pn350.htm
It means a lot when a perfect stranger who could thump you for grins and giggles likes what you have done. I have a few more feelers out, so, as we say in Spanish, poco a poco.
So, I trust your life is going well, but I would love to hear that from you, so drop me a line - don't be a stranger!

Friday, September 9, 2011

My Success is So Easy!

I figured it out. It was so easy. I am stressing about literary success, trying to stand-out from the crowd and be noticed. I blog, I podcast, I advertise - and have little to show for it. Discouraged? I was, but then I remembered the excellent advice of my two great friends, Bill S Preston, esq and Ted Theodore Logan. To have a successful band they needed Eddie Van Halen to be in Wyld Stallions, but to get EVH, they needed to play guitar and have a successful band. It is all so logical. So, to be successful and popular, I need only be successful and popular. Once I am, I will be. And to think I was worried! Silly me. Man, it's ggod to be successful... excuse me while I gloat a little by myself....

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Vacation Time

My wife, Karen, and I just spent a few days in Yosemite National Park, here in California. It is a miraculous space. I have gone there every few years since my early childhood, and still, each time I go, I am impressed with the splendor and majesty of the place. The photo of us against the backdrop of the valley is cliche. Every tourist goes to the same location and takes the same shot - but, man, it's so spectacular! We heard Hebrew, Spanish, French, Italian, German, along with several Asian languages as we wondered. Yes, the objection to the park is it is a Disneyland of the outdoors. It is C-R-O-W-D-E-D for sure, but in spite of the down-sides, it's worth the trip. So, if you can see it clear to go, no matter where in the world you reside, it is worth the effort. But, two points. One, bring good shoes. I saw people on mid-level difficulty hikes with flip-flops. Big mistake. Also, I saw many an out-of-shape person schlepping-up paths they probably should not have - be realistic.
I continue to inch closer to completing the first draft edit of TD. I know I've said it a bunch, but it is good stuff! Hopefully I can send the draft to my editor this month, while I work on the icing I am planning to slather it with. I am placing brief quotes from classic English-language poets at the top of each chapter. The snippet will be in the mood of the chapter. I think it will add depth and completity to the finished-product. I really love great poetry - Byron, Blake, Kipling, those guys and gals - and I lament that they are not more widely appreciated.
Well, enjoy your weekend, even if the late-summer storms are pestering you. Peace out.....