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Saturday, August 13, 2016

I Wonder

I'm a wondering, and that may be good. The issue is one of writing versus marketing. I've mentioned this before, but I keep wondering what I need to do and want to do. I have completely given up on traditional publishing. The only way I'd agree to give one of the Big 5 a print only deal would be if I was wildly successful. I'd only do it if I called the ball, as the say in the Navy. I'd have to be in a position to say how much I wanted, take it or leave it.
I plan on slowly ramping up my email list and online advertising. There is basically no chance for being widely read without those moves. Random chance and going viral do not fly from the same hanger.
The reason I want to be widely read is because I truly feel I have an outstanding set of products to offer. I believe people would enjoy and be entertained by my work. I also lace in some messages and I want people to hear them and, perchance, change for the better.
Money? I'm mixed. I would, duh, like to be wealthy, but I don't need it to reinforce my ego. I know big authors who have met with huge financial success only to find it simply replaces the problems you had with new ones. It is not a goal worth aiming for, in my opinion.
So, over the next year, we'll see. I will inch out of my snail-shell and see if I encounter some notice. Hm. Yes, we'll see.

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